Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Masturbation Craze

Guuh nowadays I at least masturbate twice a day. Pretty hectic huh, well nevertheless I always dreaming drilling my wife's hole with a force (it's a good act rape). Can't write much more here, already feeling horny..gotta go !! (fantasy raping wife).

Monday, July 18, 2005

Midnite Tale

Lazy bum...sitting while surfing (what else if not the website larangan, heheh don't jerk off guys..I know 99.9% of you guys used with that so don't act like a saint or be judgemental)

Another boring super power day without anything go-like superinteresting stuff and so. While surfing reminds me of my friend's blog, that makes me wanna PuKe. This one like self-lifting person la thought she's the best living creature....ever !!!

Let me brief your puny brains bout' this gal. She was my coursemate but after got married and hav kids she keep bragging..and bragging about her perfect life, which shares the fame of his hubby's hardworking and successful business. I don't mind people bragging but...aargh ! You gotta look on this one, she could easily won an award...for the Most Exagerrating Blogger.

Well..nuff bout her, don't want to add burden on my left shoulder (if you know what I mean). Anyway I welcome myself on this blogg thingy whatever and you wanna share your joy and cheer, please do so and who feel I'm kindda arrogant useless prick, well f***k you too.. heheh.